About us

There are many things that you can do, but you simply do not have time. You are pressured by deadlines. Your current project should be completed next week, but you still have many other things to finish. These are exactly what we are here for!

We are here to help you. We understand that you are a multi-talented person who is capable of doing a lot of things. But we also understand that your time is valuable and you need to use it to make great things happen.

Efficiency and effectiveness, that is what we are about!

By entrusting your translation and transcription to us, you will not only be able to finish your work/task on time, but you will also have more free time for yourself.  We are experts at what we do. What is difficult for you, is not a problem for us. What takes more time for you, we can do faster.

We understand that in this globalization era, everything must be done in a quick and accurate way and we will not keep you waiting. We are here to help you accelerate your steps so you can always be in the lead.

We are a small team, but our experience, professionalism, technology, and advanced equipment ensure that all your needs are met.

The services we offer

Our flagship services are translation and transcription. In 2017, we will also provide explainer video/promotional service. For more information, click on Our Services link.

Our company is here so that people are able to accomplish better things with their precious time while we do the best we can at what we do.  We do not work just for profit, but we intend to help everyone to be able to achieve their full potential.  

We believe that through our services, we can make a better change. The small things we do will help you accomplish bigger things.

We do have a standard price for our services, but we also give special discounts for the right reasons. For example, you work for a social project and your budget is limited. Do not hesitate to come to us because we may have the solution for you. No work is impossible to complete.

Various types of audio/video file formats

We accept a wide range of audio/video formats. We have a team of experts whom you can consult with regarding the file format that you want to send or need.  We work with most digital audio/video file formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, and more.

Competitive prices

We give you the best prices. Our service charges are based on the length of the audio/video files (in seconds or minutes), number of text pages (Verbatim transcription), or a combination of both. Compared to other similar services, you can be sure that our prices are very competitive.

Best quality

In order to give you the best results, we expect that you send audio files with good quality. But if somehow the quality of your audio files is not very good, no need to worry; we will help you fix them, so you still get the best transcriptions.