Our Services


– Transcription / Verbatim Transcription of Qualitative Research Interview, Research for Thesis, Dissertation, and other types of research.

– Public lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings

– A variety of topics, especially those related to development, ecology, environment, economics, management, gender, and poverty.

Video captioning

We can help you create a good quality text transcript that is consistent with your videos (caption/subtitle). Videotext transcription can also be translated from English into Indonesian or vice versa. You can get results in a variety of formats that suit your need.


We also provide translation of Indonesian documents into English and vice-versa. In this service, we accept text, audio, and video in all formats.

Editing and proofreading

When you do the translation yourself, there’s a big chance that you are reluctant to do the language editing too. It’s a common problem. But no worries, we will help you check the script by making grammar and spelling corrections. We make sure that the Indonesian transcript uses the latest EYD (Perfected Indonesia Spelling System).

Explainer videos

Explainer videos have become powerful marketing tools. With explainer videos, complex concepts can be presented in simpler ways. Explainer videos can help increase the sales of your products.

First, create a video script. Our creative artists will visualize your idea with a well-written video script. We will work with you to optimize the impact.

Second, create a storyboard. In this stage, we make sure that the visual style and story are matching your vision and expectation.

Third, add the voiceover/narration. We have professional voiceover artists with various voice styles that fit the theme of the message you are trying to convey. In addition to providing you with thousands of creative and awesome animation templates, we can also create special templates/ characters for you.

Finally, submit the video to the video editor for final touches. They will make sure that the final result is of high quality.

Our team will present a compelling video for you.